Thursday, 10 October 2013

Decoupage Stamps week Day 4...Step by Step with Starburst

Good evening All , are we ready for Crafting ??? hope so...... The weather is miserable here and windy with it so why not grab a cuppa , have a read through and then have a play!!!! you will need
Stamp sets Butterfly and Starburst Garden
Memento  Tuxedo Black,
Copics YG11,YG63,YG67,Y02,Y15,C1,C2,and C3 for shading,
Masking paper, post it or similar,
Green and Gold Card stock,
Christmas Green Glossy card,
White Ribbon.
Wire for feeler on Butterfly,
Scissors, Trimmer, and d/s tape,
Diamond and Gold Detail wands,

 This is the card you will be making, you can also use this image for colour referencing....
 1, First of all cut out at least one of each of the masks do this by stamping image on Masking paper For those who don't have masking paper use either a large post it note or stamp on thinish paper and use a re-postional tape to hold in place when needed.. I do recomend you get some masking paper as it is very useful it  has a very lo tack backing and lasts for quiet a few stampings...
 2, Stamp the large Starburst some where near the corner of a white piece of card ,don't worry about sizes we will cut it down to suit later,
 Place the pre-cutout mask of the large Starburst over the one you have stamped to line up perfectly,please excuse the state of my mask as you can see it has been used a few times I store all my masks on colour card stock for easy reference,
 3,Stamp the Medium Starburst stamp with Memento ink pad and stamp  overlaping the mask a little on both sides.
4, Add another mask over the medium Staburst, and stamp the corner stamp from the set to form a frame , TOP TIP remember to move the medium mask to the other side before stamping the frame on that side ,No  peaking yet!!!!!   

 5, Stamp the writing back ground stamp again don't forget to move the mask back when your stamping in the lower area......when you have done both the border and the writing, you can remove all masks ......
 6, When you reveal the images below the masks you will see you have re-created your own collage image now ready to colour cut out  and trim, at this stage Stamp another large Staburst or as many as you want to layer and a Butterfly, I've used the small Butterfly this time and only one layer but you could do 2 if you wanted more diemension...
7, Colour,Trim the base, to fit on suggested layers above to fit a 6x6 White card, Colour and cut out the extras, Before you attach the base card smudge and Stipple the edges with Brilliance Galaxy Gold ink pad, and allow to dry  before building the card , TOP TIP I tend to bend the butterfly both sides of it's body to give a little movement, and I attach the feeler wire on the back with pads that then sick the butterfly to the card, another tip score the Starburst flower on the back and gently bend to form apex petals, if you do this on all layers it does look so effective....To finish when all the card is assembled use Diamond Detail Sparkle on the starburst Flowers down the edge of the lines into the center  and over a few dots around the edges , I've used gold in places to highlight.... very useful these wands.......

And here is a reminder of the finished card.....Hope you have fun re- creating this card let me know how you get on....

Tomorrow we are going to do the Pink Butterfly corner Step by Step to finish off the week. below.....Hope you will join me again. till then Happy Crafting Jayne x

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  1. A lovely card Jayne and thanks for sharing a step by step tutorial.