Thursday, 31 January 2013

The Gallery Day 2

Good evening all, here are some of the Decoupage stamp set samples used in the show......

 sorry this ones a little dark ....all that ribbon not flat enough for scanning
 Clematis Decoupage stamp Set
 Butterfly Medley Decoupage set
 Hanging Basket Decoupage
 Water colouring with the Hanging Basket
 Lily pad Decoupage Set
My favourite in this section  Butterfly Medley Easel card ,

Again as time is so short for me with designing and working up for the trade show I haven't the time to give detailed accounts on each card, but if there are any questions send a message and I will try and help..

until tommorrow where there will be more samples on both blogs, hop across to Imaginations Blog to more samples from the show

enjoy Jayne x

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Top Ten

Good Evening Everyone ...I 'm still here... so sorry I haven't posted ........what with the shows and designing and one or two tech issues with uploading on here, I haven't  had much time...also been  busy designing next years Stamps Stencils and Embossables , but more of that later.......again so sorry for the delay... but I think the wait will be worth it..... ....tonight I'm posting photo's of my top ten from the show that aired on QVC on the 16th Jan 2013, so if you watched and wanted to see the samples again.... you can at your leisure or if you missed the show  what a shame least you know what you missed !!!!!
I currently plan over the next week or so... to  post as many of the samples seen on TV and product images so you know what your looking for .....and a link to  so if you feel the desire to purchase anything you like.... so here goes

 This is an easel card there is a full picture on Imagination's Facebook page for the show. Butterfly Medley Decoupage  coloured with Felt pens and Mica powders Brilliants
 Decoupage Clematis embossed in gold coloured with pro makers and background Mica Magic
 Poppy Gilding stamp set my latest collection Gilding Stamp sets designed especially to go with our Gilding Flakes to give you this wonderful shabby chic/Vintage look ...
 Again the Bird of Paradise Gilding Stamp set using Red Gilt Flakes, with all those extra stamps to do corners and edges the possibilities are enormous and great fun to do.
 Using the Gerbera Stencil and Mica powders for that shadow look ,then the Hunter green sparkle Medium as the foreground to give you the impression of many ..
 This one was a mix of  the Gilding Stamp set Poppy Mica and Gilding flakes and with tearing the edges and using a negative of  cut out oval, Gives you a real vintage look.
 This is another curve Overlay one of my favorite styles of card to do. I think I probably used all the colours that were in the show on this one, Birdcages and Garden chair from the New Wildlife collection Spring 2013 Range of stencils..... alot of masking out but so worth it.
 This is a real cutie  it's a box card ( I have another picture of this one later in the week). this was so much fun to to do using the dies just added the last touch as the card stands up He looks as if he's looking around the tree at you ...fur trees and card stock with Hunter green Sparkle Medium.
Daisy swirls Stencil with Jade and Gunmetal sparkle Medium, the butterfly is from Butterfly Medley white embossed on Vellum, and the greetings from one of the decoupage sets,

well there they are...hangon.... I can here you say.....  there are only 9 you said top ten......ok I'll let you into a secret there are only 9 as I couldn't pick just one as my favorite  ......there so many to choose from... and I keep changing my mind ....!!!!
back tommorrow to show you more..enjoy..hope you like..

see you tomorrow  Jayne x