Thursday, 11 July 2013

Today the's day....

 I left the New Product MDF frames and charms till last here is the over view above and i have selected 3 samples to show you today the First double hanger using the frames and charms you can create stunning home decore items, the sample is on pintrest at QVC and there is a step by step run through for the top half I've now added the lower half, just to show what can be done.

this was done with the christmas elements  in a similar way to the Hanger playing with papers and stenciling with the paint and Sparkle Medium,with some mica and utee create charms to finish your projects, I have to say I have really enjoyed myself ,playing with all of these products and have come up with some interesting ideas for future design ideas.

 Another hanger but this time a useful Calender could be given as a present and used all year round.Again playing with the paints as a base and working through the layers to the finished piece , a bit like painting really, The Butterfly here was mica /UTEE/ deboss technique, and actally bounces as it is on wire fixed under the leaves..

Ok well I'm nearly ready for the Off... leaving around 4pm to meet  to meet Sue and Harvey at the Studios to get ready for the show at 10pm .....

thank you for dropping by I will over the next week take you through the samples in more detail so if you fancy a look I'll see you then

Happy Crafting Jayne x

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

1 day to go....

Hello everyone, well tonight's selection will be the over view and 2 samples from the Decoupage range the Donkey and Cat on the window cill

Decoupage Cat and Donkey

Tabby cat coloured with watercolour pencils the window layer is stamped onto acetate so looks like a real window,through to a soft sunset setting, a little deatail sparkle was added to the bows on the parcels and on the edges of the main frame and borders.

And Donkey this is such a great card to give over christmas, Watercolour pencils to colour and then layers layers layers, Detail Sparkle on the berries on the frame and on the punched snow flakes...

Ok well that's it for tonight... tomorrow I shall show you the samples from the MDF section, before I go to london and meet with Sue and get all prepped and ready...for the show at 10pm.

Happy crafting Jayne  

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

2 days to go ......

Good evening isn't the weather is the first of 2 overviews Mica powders,I love playing with Mica there is so much you can do with it spray it, paint with it by just adding water , colour wash with it, stamp and dust, to mention one or two things...

This card was createted by doing a Mica wash, once dry, which takes around an hour lying flat... use Gunmetal Sparkle Medium and Brocade background stencil the tag was from nesties and Best regards embossed with black embossing powder again on a Mica washed card, Ribbon and wire to finish

This is one of the new product range, called detail sparkle it does exactly what it says you can add detail to anything from watercolours to Stencil painting...

 like here on this sample using detail I could spot the centers of the flowers, the colours we have in the show will be so useful for christmas this year....
Well that was quick but I will go into more detail with the samples next week after the show ...

Just a reminder the show is now on at 10pm ...Happy crafting Jayne x

Monday, 8 July 2013

3 Days and ... The count down really begins

Over view Sparkle medium Section

Just the one from each tonight  but after the show I will do more in detail...

Overview of the Stencil Borders

Open gate fold using the Scroll fan border stencil with a mix of Gunmetal and Amethyst,

sorry again I'm having problems loading pics and writing the details so ...this will be brief tonight

Don't forget the time has been changed for the show and is now going on Air at 22.00 on Thursday 11th July.

I will see you tomorrow maybe we will have better luck

Happy crafting Jayne x

Time Change alert.....

Time Change Alert !!!!!!!

the time for the show on thurs is now


Sunday, 7 July 2013

4 days to go....

Hi Everyone sorry about last night not posting. I had a slight tech hitch and couldn't load up for some reason???????

 I thought I would start with the above picture, this mornings efforts nearly 10 jars of Strawberry Jam cooling .......yummy!!!! ok enough of that....lets get on with the last selection of the 8th May samples...then from Monday  sneaky peeks from the show coming up very soon...
 Today's selection Gilding Flakes there are 3 sets Golden Glow, Forest Glade and Red Gilt, used with the other products from the show Stencils Decoupage and Embossables.
 Oh  I do love using the gilding flakes in this way all old shabby chic, this one with Posey Decoupage everything you see here is stamped with our gilding glue and then gilded with Golden Glow gilding flakes paying special  attention to the edges, I've used a very old  handmade paper/card and then only eversoslightly coloured, the top layer was stamped gilded and then the roll back was cut out, and using the edge of a piece of cut and dry with the glue smudged the edges,the butterflies from that set again was stamped and gilded .
 Another in the same vein this time using the Orchid Decoupage set and this time coloured with polychromos pencils which oil based, the Gilding flakes used here are Forest Glade, using the same technique around all the edges to give that lovely aged look and by adding the lace ribbon and more Butterflies finishes the card.
 as you can see here I have embossed the Daisy Diamonds Embossable then sponged the glue through before gilding with Golden Glow smugged around the edges and then mounted onto Bronze card stock cutting out the center gave me an opportunity to put the greeting in and with the same technique did a butterfly on acetate. to finish the card I arranged the flowers and punched out leaves around the edge of the opening.
 The butterfly from Butterfly curls again with Forest Glade on acetate the border was embossed and then slightly sanded on the dual core card stock ,a bow and wire to Finish in the corner.
 This three panel Card is Delightful, Clean and very easy to do,I embossed  the panels with lily flourishes unfortunately you can see it in this scanned picture added the Butterflies again on acetate with the Gilding Flakes Red gilt, added wire for the feelers ,the nestie lables with the greeting gives an elegant touch.
and the last Sue used this one for the Demo on the show as you can achieve very good effects using red line tape with the gilding flakes, the Butterfly is in 2 layers taken from butterfly curls border and back ground stencils.with Forest Glade for the feelers this time I used a pricking tool through the back ground card stock where I wanted the butterfly to sit and threaded the wire before mounting the butterfly. double ribbon Bow to finish.

Well thats it for today tomorrow we will start on the sneaky peak Over views for the show on thurs.. to see these and more products I've designed and used.

 Enjoy this wonderful weather but don't get burnt.

see you soon..... Happy crafting Jayne x

Friday, 5 July 2013

5 Days to go ....section 4

Hi everyone,
Isn't Murray doing well...I can't watch... I do so hope he wins this year..Come on Murray, ok well here we are again for tonight's selection from the Sparkle Medium section  of the 8th May ...which was Amber,Blue Moonstone and Chanpagne, along with the stencils card stock used in the same show

  The reminding over view of this section
 Acetate curve using the flowers from Petal flourishes on acetate, and Birds on a Branch  Stencil on the backing  gathering thoughts patterned paper with Chanpagne, Blue Moonstone and Amber Sparkle medium, Border punch used for the fixing and tucking in edge.
 Butterfly curls Stencil on deep bronze card with Champagne Sparkle Medium both layers of the butterfly were done on acetate to give a double butterfly look, and a coin and tassel to finish.
 This is  actually the lily flourish Border Stencil  with Amber and Champange Sparkle Medium but I've added the butterfly on acetate from butterfly curls to the center ,before mounting I've added wire for the feelers...
 This is another tri colour sample using Dragonfly Dreams background stencil  and all 3 colours with a ribbon wrap.
Butterfly curls  Stencil with Champagne and Amber for the outer flourishes the butterfly with Champagne and Blue moonstone all on acetate but before mounting with brads, I've cut away the butterfly slightly so the wings will lift, the wire was added through the backing card.

these 2 are acutally the same sample one was scanned and the other a photo!!!! on the scan it kinda flashes back on the below sample you can see the embossing much better....  Butterfly curls border stencil embossed through the machine first to give the background ,then all the Butterflies were on acetate overlayed the embossed ones with champagne on actetate ribbon and wire bottom right corner to finish

And the last one for tonight Again  Butterfly curls Stencil, the border directly to the green satin card with Champagne and Amber the butterfly small and large on acetate with Blue Moonstone and Amber sparkle Medium wire to finish the butterfly..

I shall be back here with more tomorrow night, enjoy the weather see you soon ....

Happy Crafting Jayne x

Thursday, 4 July 2013

6 days and counting.....section 3

Good evening I hope you are enjoying this weather...I picked a whole punnet of strawberries from the allotment this evening ...soooo sweet and juicy..... me think's I will be making Jam's soon....

 Tonights selection are from the Embossable Samples Daisy Diamonds and butterfly dots using our Embossing matt which is a must for anyone's stash the impression is amazing and the fact  that the embossables are twice as thick as normal stencils the impression is amazing.....I have also used alot of the satin card stock Light green, Peach, Pink and Yellow.
 Daisy Diamonds on the light green, with Freesia decoupage embossed with silver embossing powder, a length of this beautiful lace ribbon threaded with 3m satin ribbon.
 Butterfly Dots embossable again on the green satin card and layered on the peach. Posey Decoupage was stamped and embossed with white detail E/P on vellum and coloured on the back with pastell pencils, so it looks really soft and only just highlight the front. ribbon wrap and bow tied.
 before I embossed the backing card I cut out the heart using the nesties, and then embossed  unfortunately you can't see via this picture but it was Daisy Diamonds I then added extra flowers to the rose buds and punched leaves and created a cluster of flowers adding one to the top left ribbon wrap with an acetate butterfly  and wire to finish.
 This one again in the same vein using the light green  card to emboss and another style nestie I've also added gems on each crossover points Sentiments from the thank you and birthday set, and too finish a cluster of peach roses wire and ribbon bow.
 Using Green and Yellow this time and an oval apt embossed with Butterfly dots and 2 small acetate Butterflies with Teal and Amber Sparkle medium, lemon Ribbon  wrap and bow, for the feelers of the butterflies I very often use wire.
 An Easel Card  using the pink satin card as the backing and Butterfly Dots embossed. Posey Decoupage embossed in Gold E/P and coloured with Watercolour pencils
and the last for tonight one for all you stitches out there emboss with the Daisy Diamonds and use a pricking tool to prick out a pattern then stitch through creating those curves from straight lines , now that takes me back in time can really create some funky patterns and you can always put a few roses in the corner but I like the simple lines on this one . oh and brads to attach to gold Glossy card

ok  don't forget you can hop over to imaginations Blog and shop  there are some more sample there tonight.

see you again tomorrow Jayne x

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

7 days to go....section 2

Good evening all.....7 days to go to the show and .....

 Here is a reminder of tonights selection Samples from the Border stencils = Dragonfly Dreams,Lily flourishes and Butterfly Curls,
 Tri colours Champange,Lavender and Teal Sparkle Medium on pearl white card. sentiment from the decoupage range and a simple ribbon wrap on lilac glossy card.
 Lily Flourishe border Stencil with champagne,and Antique Pink Sparkle medium,on acetate,with a ribbon wrap and wire the sentiments from the sentiment set Frienship embossed in gold on lower card.
 One of my Favorites...Lily Flourish border with Champange Sparkle Medium on Black glossy card as an open gate fold. The greeting was embossed with black e/p on gold and the butterfly was done on acetate..when the card is closed the butterfly fits inside the border on top of the card .
 Butterfly curls Border with Amber, Champange,and Teal Sparkle medium on acetate to attach i used brads, to finish add ribbon bow and wire curls
 This Lily flourish border Stencil could so be used for Christmas as well as a lily....Red and Gold Sparkle Medium greetings from a Decoupage set.and ribbonand wire to finish, layered on satin light green and Dark green glossy card.
 Dragonfly Dreams done in a multi detail colour technique, yes you have to mask them all out for each colour but it's worth the effort. Champagne, Amber and Teal Sparkle Medium greetings from a Decoupage set gold sparkle embossing powder add bow top left corner..on dark blue card
This one done in the same manner but in Teal,Antique Pink champagne on a lighter coloured card, the greeting stamped in gold in the center and gold ribbon and wire curls to finish.

well that's tonights ...there is another section on the Imagination crafts blog tonight and there will be some more here tomorrow see you then ......

Happy Crafting  Jayne x

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

8 Day Count down

Hi there Everyone,

As I said over on the Imagination crafts Blog's about time I said what I said I would do weeks agao and post the overviews and samples from our previous show on the 8th May, so I shall each night run through those and then early next week I shall post the over views from the new show that'll be going out Live on the 11th July at 11pm , My samples of which are winging their way to Sue ready for the Show next week.... I have managed to get a little time to catch up and give you a sneeky peak of the new samples

 A reminder of the Decoupage section
 Posey Decoupage the flash back of this scanned card dosn't do it Justice, this is stamped embossed with silver embossing powder and coloured with water colour pencils in soft shades of turquiose and jades, using the Butterfly Curls stencil I've embossed through the big shot and then sanded with a sanding block to give and aged look,wrapped ribbon tied a bow and added wire.
 Bird house Decoupage, Stamped Embossed in Gold  and coloured with watercolour pencils and layered, the background was embossed with Lily flourish Stencil through the Big shot.
 Poseydecoupage  again water colour pencils layered at least 4 times. 3 Butterflies coloured to match with matcing pink satin 3mm ribbon weaved through the lace ribbon, all mounted on pink satin card that was embossed with Daisy Diamond Embossables.
Orchid Decoupage stamped and embossed with gold embossing powders and coloured with tombow pens, mounted on gold satin card that has been embossed with Diangonal border Embossable.Ribbon wrapped diagonal corners and bow and wire top left corner.
 Freesia Decoupage Stamped and embossed with Silver Embossing powder and coloured with watercolour pencils on Lilac satin card embossed with Butterfly curls. ribbon wrapped top to bottom
and lastly for tonight, My favorite of this section Orchid Decoupage, Gold leafing all the layers colouring with the old faithfuls watercolour pencils, all the dgaes have been scrunged and stippled to give that old vintage feel.. Love the look and the feel ribbon and wire to finsh the look ...

ok well thats it for tonight folks ...more tommorrow on both blogs see you soon

a link to jump to Imagination Crafts  see the other posted today..

Happy Crafting Jayne x