Tuesday, 2 July 2013

8 Day Count down

Hi there Everyone,

As I said over on the Imagination crafts Blog ...it's about time I said what I said I would do weeks agao and post the overviews and samples from our previous show on the 8th May, so I shall each night run through those and then early next week I shall post the over views from the new show that'll be going out Live on the 11th July at 11pm , My samples of which are winging their way to Sue ready for the Show next week.... I have managed to get a little time to catch up and give you a sneeky peak of the new samples

 A reminder of the Decoupage section
 Posey Decoupage the flash back of this scanned card dosn't do it Justice, this is stamped embossed with silver embossing powder and coloured with water colour pencils in soft shades of turquiose and jades, using the Butterfly Curls stencil I've embossed through the big shot and then sanded with a sanding block to give and aged look,wrapped ribbon tied a bow and added wire.
 Bird house Decoupage, Stamped Embossed in Gold  and coloured with watercolour pencils and layered, the background was embossed with Lily flourish Stencil through the Big shot.
 Poseydecoupage  again water colour pencils layered at least 4 times. 3 Butterflies coloured to match with matcing pink satin 3mm ribbon weaved through the lace ribbon, all mounted on pink satin card that was embossed with Daisy Diamond Embossables.
Orchid Decoupage stamped and embossed with gold embossing powders and coloured with tombow pens, mounted on gold satin card that has been embossed with Diangonal border Embossable.Ribbon wrapped diagonal corners and bow and wire top left corner.
 Freesia Decoupage Stamped and embossed with Silver Embossing powder and coloured with watercolour pencils on Lilac satin card embossed with Butterfly curls. ribbon wrapped top to bottom
and lastly for tonight, My favorite of this section Orchid Decoupage, Gold leafing all the layers colouring with the old faithfuls watercolour pencils, all the dgaes have been scrunged and stippled to give that old vintage feel.. Love the look and the feel ribbon and wire to finsh the look ...

ok well thats it for tonight folks ...more tommorrow on both blogs see you soon

a link to jump to Imagination Crafts www.imaginationcrafts.co.uk  see the other posted today..

Happy Crafting Jayne x


  1. thank you Mags there will be more very soon am about to do tonight's selection....