Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Happy New Year !!!!!!

Just popped in to say thank you for following me in 2013 and continue to do so in the next year ahead and to wish you all a Very Happy Healthy 2014. 

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

and finally ....the Top 10 of the top 100 Christmas sample cards

Hello everyone and now for the last of the Top 100 

 No10, Flowers Decoupage..
 No9, Owls Decoupage, with watercolour pencils.
No8, Robin on a post coloured with Copic pens.
 No7 Cottages with Copics and white fluffy stuff for the snow.
 No 6, Easel card with Donkey Decoupage with watercolour pencils,
 No5 Donkey Decoupage with watercolour pencils  and flourishes Stencil and mica misting...
 No4 , Candle Decoupage coloured with Copic pens

No3, Robin on a post with Copic pens and a penny black stamp for the holly background stamped with pearlescent ivy ink pad
 No2 , Cottages again with Copics and white fluffy stuff on vellum sparkle paper and penny black greetings
And my No1, quite different from my usuall cards but as I have had more time I've been playing with some of the dies I have bought because I liked but never had the time to play with then untill now.....

I hope you have enjoyed seeing these cards and that they have given you some inspiration and ideas that you can use and do with my designs.. all of these stamps and stencils and many more of my designs can be bought from www.imaginationcrafts.co.uk

I would also like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy new Year, I have a very busy calender over the next week and so I may not get back here till the new year when the Art blog will be up and running too

Till then Happy Crafting Jayne

Monday, 23 December 2013

Top 100 Christmas samples no 81 - 90

Good evening everyone ....ooo isn't it cold and very windy !!!!! brrrrrr... we are nearly there top 20 samples left ...although when i started this top 100 i was trying to do it fairly randomly but when i see the ones i have left it appears Ive been saving the best of the best till last so .... and this is only my opinion but here are my Top 20....

 Counting down....20, Acetate curve using Mother and child and the stag from The clearing stencils on rain bow backing card, and using border punches for curve to fit into...
 19, Mother and Baby on snowflake paper detailed with puffa Glitter.
18, Mother and baby on ascending snow flakes card stock
 17, Easel card using masking technique with the fan scroll border stencil.
 16, Letter to Santa Watercolour pencils and white fluffy stuff for the snow with a sprinkle of puff glitter when wet. on snow frame backing card .
 15, Owl Decoupage Stamp set on holly trio embossables and Copics for colouring.
 14, Cottage Decoupage, watercolour pencils.
 13, Cat on the Cill Decoupage using Sparkle detail on Acetate on assorted papers to compliment.
 12, Letter to Santa, Copics for colouring and white fluffy stuff for snow again adding glitter over it when wet.
11, Robin on a post Decoupage stamp set coloured with copics and diamond detail wand on Blue snow backing card.

that's for tonight pop in again tomorrow for the Top 10 count down on Christmas Eve 2013.
till the Happy Crafting Jayne xx

Sunday, 22 December 2013

top 100 christmas Sample cards No72 - No 81

Good evening everyone, here are this evening selection using stencils,sparkle medium and a few Decoupage stamp sets.

 No 72 Star tree mainly using Hunter green sparkle medium with puffa glitter streaks of red,
 No 73 Sparkles, using the masking technique with an array of soft coloured sparkle mediums,
 No 74, Merry Christmas trio Stencil with assorted sparkle mediums
 No75, Leaf flourishes Stencil and flowers to complement the Sparkle medium,
 No76, Dove decoupage Set but only using the dove on acetate both ways so the dove on the inside matches the dove on the outside, the heart is die cut with nesties both sizes,
 No77, Dove again this time this is a twister card and both side are done in the same way as above,
 No78, Dove decoupage as the set embossed in gold and  coloured with mica powders.
 No79 Winter bouquet embossed in gold on assorted card stock , gems added where the berries are.
No 80, again Winter bouquet coloured with watercolour pencils...

No81, the last for tonight is the Snow flake Decoupage stamp set embossed onto vellum with white detail embossing powder onto the snowflake backing papers,

ok that's it for today...see you soon Till then...

 Happy crafting Jayne xx 

Saturday, 21 December 2013

Top 100 Christmas samples No 63 - No71

 Hello everyone , What a cold windy winter's night...very different from only two days ago as the sun streamed through the windows of the studio as I was painting... tonight I'm going to continue the gallery style posting of the top  100 although not all are card samples, some are created by using the fantastic MDF frame packs I designed way back in the spring 2013 for the QVC shows, there were 18 designs in total but I think only 6 were ever made what a shame ....I love them and have done many for gifts this Christmas using crackle n paint  and some of the new 2013 Christmas stencils and MDF frame sets , also using sparkle Medium

 No 63 Nativity Stencil on backing papers.
 No 64, Shepard's on a mica sunset background

No65 Shepard on Acetate as an over lay
 No66, Nativity on Mdf backing board that has been crackled,

No67, Shepard's created as above..

No68 Swirly frame and the tree from the Crackle n paint sets...

No69, Leaf flourishes Stencil again with the tree stipple with Sage and Hunter sparkle mix,

No70, this slightly different curve using papers to cover the backing and smudge and dust the edges again using the stencil set and this time the bauble with both papers and stencilled, this makes a great book front.

No 71, speaking of book fronts again a different approach using the same materials sponging stencilling smudging and heat embossing you can create this wonderfull visitor's book that yopu can keep in the hall for all your visitor's to leave Christmas messages..brilliant for festive party's..

that's all tonight more tommorrow till then Happy Crafting    Jayne xx

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Top 100 Christmas cards no's 56 - 62.

Hello everyone ...sorry for my lack of posting just recently ...I have been doing a little decorating....well alot actually 3 bedrooms all fresh and clean ready for Christmas, now that they are done i can get back to my routine of posting in the evenings...So off we go again no's 56 - 62 created by using Holly Swirl Border  background and border stencil, Ivy back ground Stencil, and Flower Flourish background stencil, Using an assortment of colours of Sparkle medium on different colour backgrounds, some have been masked for multi colouring, some plain and some duo colouring ..all stencils and Sparkle medium can be found at Imagination crafts.

56, Holly Swirl Border stencil.
 57,Holly Swirl Border stencil
58, Holly Swirl background Stencil
59, Holly swirl background Stencil
 60, Ivy swirl Background Stencil
61,  Flower Flourish background Stencil
62, Holly Swirl background Stencil,

All of these Stencils I designed in 2011 but i think there are timeless as you can use these year after year... that's it tonight .thank you for dropping by see you again soon , till then

 Happy Crafting    Jayne xx

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Top 100 Christmas samples No49- No55 Stencils and Decoupage....

Hi everyone, I am  now busy getting the old workroom decorated ready to become The Bear Room ...ok the spare room but some of my Charlie bears will living there for a while hence The Bear room.... so tonight  we will be continuing the top !00, these are a mix of stencils with sparkle medium and adding some of the Decoupage stamp sets images as you will see they work really well together

 49, Owls on a branch and Holly swirls.
 50, Hanging lantern and Holly swirls

 51, Lantern with embossables holly trio and sirls and dots.
 52, Winter bouquet and embossables tree trio and holly trio,
 53, flowers ( poinsettia)  with swirls border stencil.
 54, Cottage decoupage with owls and holly embossables
55, Three Trees from the cottage set with three tree embossable, using the satin or glossy card with the embossables give really deep impressions and create fantastic backgrounds ....

ok that's it for tonight more soon till the Happy crafting.... Jayne x