Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Top 100 Christmas samples No49- No55 Stencils and Decoupage....

Hi everyone, I am  now busy getting the old workroom decorated ready to become The Bear Room ...ok the spare room but some of my Charlie bears will living there for a while hence The Bear room.... so tonight  we will be continuing the top !00, these are a mix of stencils with sparkle medium and adding some of the Decoupage stamp sets images as you will see they work really well together

 49, Owls on a branch and Holly swirls.
 50, Hanging lantern and Holly swirls

 51, Lantern with embossables holly trio and sirls and dots.
 52, Winter bouquet and embossables tree trio and holly trio,
 53, flowers ( poinsettia)  with swirls border stencil.
 54, Cottage decoupage with owls and holly embossables
55, Three Trees from the cottage set with three tree embossable, using the satin or glossy card with the embossables give really deep impressions and create fantastic backgrounds ....

ok that's it for tonight more soon till the Happy crafting.... Jayne x

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Top 100 Christmas samples No 43 - No 47 Sparkle Medium on acetate.

Hi everyone, just a quick fly by with the next 5 top 100..using sparkle medium on acetate, the main thing with doing this technique ...you have to be fairly patient as some areas you have to leave to completely dry before doing the next colour, the easiest way of doing these style of cards is do the detail first using the detail wands allow to dry and then do the main colour all over the back, and depending how thickly you spread it depends on how long it will take to dry ,  a warning if you cheat and use a heat gun to speed up the process it may very well peel or flake off the acetate, when you start to cut out the images for layering ....

43, Dove Decoupage
44, Holly tree Decoupage
46, Robin Decoupage

 47, Winter Bouquet Decoupage
48, Ivy Decoupage,

thank you for dropping by...... see you again soon I hope, till then Happy Crafting   Jayne x

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Just had to share this .....

Hi everyone I am really excited today ... The first of the new Box frame art pieces (there are 8 in all), are ready. My newly found Framer and I have been playing around with some ideas, and this is what we have come up with I think it looks fab....... some of these designs were going to be the New Spring Decoupage stamp sets for 2014......I didn't want to waste the designs so I have enlarged them to suit ...am also playing with them on canvas in oils they are really taking shape too...

Close up of the butterfly in the corner
 And the flowers
As soon as the rest are completed I'll be showing you  more over on the Gallery blog...

take care see you again soon Jayne x

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Top 100 Christmas card samples 37 - 42 Baubles, Bells,and Berries Decoupage stamp sets.

Hi everyone, this is a crazy week and my blogging is a little erratic and will be for a little while longer yet sorry.... things to be sorted in the new studio. and moving the office and designing area next, then the house decorating starts and I'm aiming to start at the top in the old work room through out the house as I haven't done anything for at least 5 years ...other than my kitchen........time to catch up

so over the next few blogs, it will be more Gallery style.... 

Bells Decoupage Stamp set,  top No37 on Vellum and coloured from the back, and below No38  coloured with Tombow Pens, 
Next the Wreath ( Berries as is named now)

top no 39 wreath embossed with gold on different papers, this was done in 2010 i would have used Detail red Sparkle for the berries if it was about then  papers from Craft Creations... No 38 below Gold leaf sheets backing onto laminating sheets and berries and bow added after, the pattern down the left side was created by stamping extra stamp in set and black detail embossing powders with a slip of ribbon to conceal the edge..

and Baubles Decoupage stamp set...

Baubles above ,No40 Copics for colouring and layered backwards to create a window apt if I remember rightly the baubles hung from fine thread, 
No41 on papers again same as the wreath, I find these papers very useful at Christmas time card making ..always have some there ready... 

No42 Vellum and coloured from the back in soft lilac's and mauve's the top bauble is actually softer looking it's picked up glare from the scanning,

well that's it for today folks I will post as soon as i can and as often as i can this next week or so as I also have to commissions to work on with my painter's hat on In my new studio... I will be posting also at some stage the studio build and where I am now so see you soon

Till then happy crafting Jayne x

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Top 100 Christmas samples No 32 - 36 Flowers Decoupage....

Hi Everyone,  tonight's selection is from Flowers Decoupage stamp set, Probably one of my favourite stamps to use at Christmas. Five different looks using copics,pro markers and watercolour pencils,and pearly pallets, either embossing or stamping the initial images for layering, adding beads or gems to the center of the flowers, and finishing with my usual ribbon and wire, some backgrounds are stamped with versa mark and left to dry giving the appearance of a water mark and one embossed stencil through my big shot.

 32, Water colour pencils, and versa background,using extra stamp from set, greetings also from set.
 33, The only real colouring is on the under leaves the rest I used detail Diamond  on all petals and a frosting on the edges
 34, Copics and Pro markers for colouring versa mark back ground gold beads for the centers and ribbons and wire top right corner.
 35, Coloured with the vintage pearly palette on black card the background is embossed negative type of stencils, the ribbon was attached and braded with bow, graphite grey beads for cemters
 36, Same but different colours used and presented slightly differently, more shabby rip and stamped background
Flowers decoupage set Designed by me for www.Imaginationcrafts.co.uk where you will find the whole range I've designed for them from Stamps, Stencils, and MDF Frame sets, Including the Decoupage stamps sets

Thank you for dropping by, see you soon till then Happy crafting    Jayne x

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Last of my Christmas cards for 2013 and a few of the Top 100

Hello everyone, here are the last 4 of my Christmas cards for 2013 which i was surprised when I counted was 40 in total x 6 ish of each ...= 240 cards ..!!!  no they aren't all made up yet just ready cut coloured ready for building..I'm having to be really organised as the final move into my New studio is finally happening this week end and i wanted the makings all cards sorted so i can carry on easily once finally in there, without rumaging in every box trying to find things again ....  having all the things i need to finish them all together in one area  should be better practise.... well that's the plan....tonight's 4 then is Robin on a post, Holly from 2011 and frosty... Oh and sorry for the brief discriptions I was having trouble loading things last night hope I have better luck tonight !!! ... 

 There is a combination of Penny Black stamps.3500K Winter bough  for the background using pearlesent ivy ink pad and 3015F 'from To' for the greeting with the Robin on a post Decoupage Stamp, coloured with Copics and layered, adding a touch of Sparkle detail wand to the border here and there,  I've also added it to the background of the image as if the ground was frosty, wrapped the ribbon and wire to finish.
 Same but different greetings....
 Holly Decoupage Stamp used here for a friend 's Wife.... yup youv'e guessed it her name is Holly, and I have to come up with something different each year....coloured with copics and have added gold detail sparkle to all the dots and centers of the berries and leaves  ,Back ground was stamped with a swirl stamp and encore Gold ink pad edging with ink pad. the greetings die cut using the oval nesties, ribbon wrap and wire to finish.
Another version of frosty coloured in soft tones of lilac and ice blues detail sparkle to add highlights on sparkles in the border and edging all greetings, ribbon wrap and bow to finish....

And just before I go here are  3 from the top 100 using the Snowflaky Flurry background Stencil.
 No 36,Using three colours silver Jade and Lavender Sparkle medium, diagonally across the white card in one go.... good one for doing lots at the same time card....once dry mounted onto silver card then lilac adding the wire and bow one one layer greeting stamped onto glossy white card with brilliance pearlesent purple.
 No 38, This was was on acetate using silver sparkle medium and black glossy card to back, border punch to hide the attachments  on silver sparkle paper/card bow and wire to finish, through all layers on the side, any greeting could be used here or even a winter birthday card.
 No39, Again on acetate with Gold sparkle medium cream and gold layers of card , border punched and ribbon wrapped to hide fixings, this would be lovely for a winter anniversary card

thank you for dropping in today more tommorrow till then , Happy crafting  Jayne x

Monday, 11 November 2013

Christmas cards 0213 Day 5,Depcoupage, Cottages,Frosty, Owls on a branch,Flower and Decoupage Stamps sets.

Hello everyone Sorry I didn't post on Friday I was a little caught up in things ...I will finish off the recent cards made over the last week tonight using Cottages,Frosty, Owls on a branch,Flower and Decoupage Stamps sets.... and then I shall continue with the top 100 Cards ..

Robin on a post..
Frosty the snowman,
Owls on a Branch,
To the Family...

Flowers for the wife....
Same but different colours
And the sets used Robin on a post.
The cottages..
Frosty the snowman
Owls on a branch  and flowers Decoupage Sets all available from www.Imaginationcrafts.co.uk

thank you for dropping in today more tomorrow from the Top 100 cards, till then Happy Crafting

Jayne x