Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Blog Hop follow up

Hi , thought i would just share with you the complete range of samples that we have seen through the Blog Hop 3 days   craft-along

they will be with us at the next few shows SECC , Harrowgate and the NEC, so pop along to the stand,and have a look..

Right back to the New Summer Decoupage Stamps........for more info on them goto

see you soon, Jayne x

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Blog Hop DAY 3

Good evening all ...ok i'm earlier today as we have alot to do, i wanted to get going,
just as a reminder there is another sample card over on imagination blog posted earlier today ..
ok i have thought of 2 hot tips for making your life easier when stencilling.

Always use an antistatic bag to the back of the masked area this will stop it sticking while your working on your projects.

                                                                          TOP TIP 2
Use a Copic or Pro maker pen on the edges of your stencilled layer, this will help to give you a professional Finish I tend to use the chisel end, so i don't ruin the brush nib.

And this is the card we will finish now....

This is actually slightly different as the back ground scenes are different to the one I showed you on day 1, but this is also good to show how well they all fit together.

this is what you'll need to finish the card ,
white 6x6 card
Two brayered then stencilled scenes we have here county road and the village,
two black layers for matting,
Acetate with your owl and tree, Dusk till Dawn
Border punch of your choice,
Double sided tape..


Matt and layer as shown the right side of the card and attach the border on the right hand side.Trim to fit

Do the same for the left side but attach the Acetate under the border on the left hand side.

This is what it will look like flat,

and this is how it looks once you have tucked the acetate under the right hand border....

Now as i've worked through this blog hop i have some bit left over i would like to use so ..let me show you how we can do the Snow scene sample, the stencils used may be different but the end result ..Whow really cool....This what you need

using all the extras up plus a picket fence, a white sparkle card base one for each side  diamond glitter medium, fluffy stuff ( yes it's called that ) when you heat it puffs up to look like snow ...Also this time i had an extra gold owl on a tree so we will use this too..

Maske off the top area of the stencil, we already have the Birds from Birdsong on the sunset backing card... spread the black sparkle medium as before, and set aside to dry, this will probably take 2 hrs to dry.

Once dry you can see by this picture, cut away the top half above the horizon line .on the white Glitter card. do this to the other side too .once you have trim to size the black will blend together to give you a snow scene.I left the trees and moon on the background card and attached the snow card with 1mm foam tape ...almost decoupaging the stencil....

Once you have mat and layered the scenes, attach the left side first, again with the border on the left  hand side edge..

Set out your acetate owl and tree like this , trim to fit the height of the card when standing.I have added some white paint and diamond sparkle medium to the fence and then attached it across the bottom,of the acetate, trim to fit,  
This is the acetate attached under the border on the right side this time.

When you stand the card up and tuck the acetate under the left border .as shown below..

And it looks like this when standing....

Note on this card not only is the Owl gold but there is snow on the tree branches and on the base of the fence .

Well what can i say that's all folks .....for this time anyway .I will post this picture on the Imagination Blog very soon  and don't forget if you are coming to any of the shows we are at, pop along and see us we will have these samples on stand, and we would love to meet you ...

Thanks to those who followed along I would love to stay and play but ...Mr post man brought me the Brand New Summer Decoupage stamp sets, today and i have to go and play...urmm that might be a good idea for next month's Blog hop,

As we are going to be away for the first 3 weeks of March...SECC Harrogate.and  NEC the NEXT Blog Hop will be after that but I will let you all know soon

See you soon have fun Jayne x

Monday, 27 February 2012

Blog Hop Craft-along Day 2

Hello again,are we ready....go 

Step 2, you will need 
The dried brayered back grounds,we did yesturday
Stencil Tape,
Black Stars Sparkle Medium,
Black onyx Silkies,
Stencil Brushes,
Stencils any of the following Dusk till dawn,The Village , Birdsong, By the river,Country road,

This is your prepared brayered background dry ready to use,

I have sprayed the back of the stencil with repositional adhesive spray, this is vital the better the contact between the stencil and the card stock the better the result will  be. I also like to use stencil tape top and bottom of my Stencil this really helps to stop things sliding around. Use your stencil brush and Stipple all over the Stencil working from the top to the bottom...once you have covered the whole area, Gently peel back the stencil tape and lift away from the corner to reveal your image...Put the stencil in  warm soapy water as soon as you can. this will help to keep the stencil clean.
This image was used in the box card that's on Imaginationcrafts blog on Day 1.

ok now we will have a go with the sparkle medium. First we will do the acetate with the owl and the tree....

I have masked off the owl in this one as i will be adding a gold owl for the acetate wrap over card, mask off all other areas not wanted a shown.

Apply the sparkle medium as you would spread butter on bread , not too thick, not too thn, Lift away the stencil as we did  before and set aside to dry, as this is a non-porous surfice and  will take a few hrs to dry .

This dry image is from the sample card
 Now lets do some  images on the brayered back grounds in the same way tape your stencil down after spraying the back.

Use the sparkle Medium just as we did before on the acetate, spreading like butter It's so easy...Go on have a go.....This is a slightly pourious surface. but it will still take a little while to dry so.... we will leave it over night I have added a few more images for you to see below.  

Well that's enough for you to be getting on with and it's time for you to catch up.
Tommorrow  we will be doing the finishing touches. making up the sample card and don't forget we will be  showing you the last of the samples on the Imaginations Blog at before we finish off back  here.

so happy stencilling see you tommorrow...Jayne x

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Dual Blog Hop

Hello .

This is the card we are going to make in this months Blog Hop,I got the idea for our first blog hop from a friend, Thanks Carole for your suggestion hope you like them,  and  by the end of the project you will have 5 card samples to see and try, as we said on Imagination's Blog this, will be this month's blog hop .Why don't you play along. as we will be doing this over the next couple of days you will have time to catch up,
These are things you will need, Hot spot matt, Brayer, Silkies Indian Spice, Sparkle Medium Black stars, Stencils= Dusk till Dawn. Birdsong, The village, By the river and Country road ,stencil tape, Anti static bag, White glossy card, Spatula,Stencil Brushes...all can be obtained from 

Step one

I can almost here you say ...oh no not  brayering.....  don't panic, this will be easy 
Cut your white glossy card to A5 size.
Place spaltula tip of silkies in this sequence,Shown here on your matt and gently pick up and roll back wards and forwards until it's evenly over your brayer,do not lift you brayer while doing this.

Now gently and evenly do the same movement over one end of your card,moving to the center of the cardstock.Don't over work it. Turn your white glossy card around and repeat on the other end.

It's will look something like this , don't worry about extra marks or that it's un- even this will give the picture some Texture for when we Stencil over tomorrow.The beauty of doing this is that you have a choice of which end to use. The amount i put on my mat to start with allowed me to do 10 Back grounds so go have a play set them all aside to dry till tomorrow..

Here  is another Sample of the same thing but with this one i have used Sparkle medium on white glitter card on the bottom to make it look like snow, we will see this card again later in the week in 'finishing touches ' .
I have to say I love my Job Well actually 'it' dosn't feel like a job ...A passion then.... Not only do I work with two very talented people that appreciate me,Thanks Sue and Harvey, i get to play with some fantastic Products, and Design away to my hearts content, and then i get to play again with them .....Heaven !!!  what more could a girl want !!!! (A bigger Studio).....

 ok then i'll see you tomorrow for the next step and  another Sample..

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

T-wit t- woo twosome

Hi everyone , ,
We have been so busy at Imagination crafts ... what with the trade show last weekend I have had soooo much to do ...but i have managed to play today , during the show i was asked about being able to use Dusk till Dawn a favorite stencil of mine,still very new to our fast growing collection i must add . the question was can we get two Owls on the branch for a wedding or birthday style card.Well the answer is yes.!!!! these two below were done using the Black stars Sparkle Medium on pearl card stock...just by masking all but the tree and owl and using the stencil once and let it dry. clean the stencil and dry well turn the stencil over and mask again all but the owl this time and repositon the stencil so the owl is over the lower branch and re dress again with the medium and leave to dry

This one i've added Happy Birthday  from our sentiment set. and punched out the moon with a craft punch,

And this one on the season's pearly palet wash background,, both would make fantastic Mens card as well!!
all of these products can be found on our website

there are more on the way using the same stencil but as an over lay on acetate.not dry enough to scan so till tommorrow then ...good night

Jayne xx

Friday, 10 February 2012

Another week ...Whoosh

Where does the time go I ask myself just lately, i cant believe that another week has flashed past...We at Imagination crafts have been so hectic all go for the rush up to the trade show and then the retail shows that follow..for me new designs to be completed and the new Catalogue for us's all go go go,so here are a few more samples.
Gold on gold
 these are all very simular by using the versa mark ink pad on the stencil ( flower Splash) placing the stencil on gols satin card . through your machine I use a big shot express then dust the gold embossing powders, heat set. then trim
 this on on black card with Arabian nights embossing powder. this is a gate fold card so the border was used on the inside with a greeting using the same method
and thern we have silver on silver, i really like the colours together. and the greetings are from our Sentments stamp sets Friendship, they  are brilliant as they are designed to stamp in the center of the new border stencils the dragon fly is from the Dragonfly Rose stencil stamp sets..this product and all  Stencil  and stamps used can be found via  o

see you again soon Jayne x

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Hi ..,It's been a mad week but ending with My eldest Richard becoming a Staff Sargent ..I'm so
proud of him (will post a photo once I've got it sorted ).

I have also been very busy designing the new summer Decoupage not ready yet ..

just to keep you going here are  few more of the samples that were in the show on QVC

Butterfly Decoupage

Embossed with black sparkle embossing powder( detail black with glitter added and coloured with Seasons Pearly pallet...i love the butterfly soooo useful as a stand alone too.
Pansy Decoupage

 Again  images stamped with black sparkle embossing powder then coloured with season's pearly pallet

Crocus Decoupage
 embossed Silver on silver satin card coloured with chalkies layered 4 times.

Butterfly Zig Zag
Butterflies were stamped with stazon Black  on acetate and coloured on the reverse with magi Glaze and mica. the backgrounds were created by putting versamark on the stencil and putting through the big shot  then mica dusted. really cool technique to try...all greeting are from the Sentiments stamp range

Primrose Decoupage

The background the same technique as before this time i've cut out the painted Acetate Primroses and added punched leaves and ribbon.
 All stamps and stencils and colouring mediums can be purchased from

See you again soon