Sunday, 20 May 2012

A few Pen and Washes From Lake Garda

The Secret Garden,

 Some of you may know in my spare time I like to paint...Just recently I was lucky enough to go back to Lake Garda with a few Like minded friends and their partners, for a week do nothing but Relax, and while the hours in good company and maybe do a little are some photo's of the Pen and Washes I managed to finish and as this is a Studio Blog...I thought you would like to see them......( they are mostly sketches that I will use for the Oils,) approx sizes 12 x 14

The Quay side Limone,

Old Doors from the Lemon Groves,

The Old Lemon Groves,

Archway to the waterfall

The Old lemon Groves from the veranda of the hotel

Malchesine Harbour

How many bikes!!!!!!!!! -Riva

Unfortunately I didn't get colour on this as the the ferry was about to leave and we had to catch it back to Limone there were so many bikes I didn't know where to start..

This was the challenge for us all..... what you don't realise is that this was looking down from the Balcony of the hotel onto the Old lemon groves approx 75 feet down...and the lake beyond, not an easy task as all those different angles of the roofs and lemon house pillars,What we called the  perspective  nightmare!!!!!   ( this was my 2nd attempt the first was made into a jigsaw!!!!!!! yes I ripped it up....)

There are others to finish  so...... when I get a little time I would like to get some oils done...

hope you you like ...

Ok back to reality... new designs for Decoupage stamp sets, Brand NEW Border stamp sets,  and Stencils on their way....... keep and eye out on

see you soon...Jayne x