Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Mica Magic

Hi everyone this is going to be the quickest blog hop, so many of you are interested in the Mica Magic demo's i've been doing at the recent shows i thought i would put on a quick how to do....before i get off to the NEC....

 Things you will need,
set of mica powders choose from Brights, Glow lights,or the fantastic new set Nature, Versamark ink pad,large fluffy brush, glossy card stock , Anti static bag, Set of stamps, for this i'm using the Spring Decoupagee set Butterfly, hot spot heat mat, very cheap hair spray...visit  you can see the whole range there

 ALWAYS use an anti-static bag on the card stock before start( this takes away all unwanted marks).
 Now ink up your stamp with Versamark and stamp image onto the black card.
 Sprinkle the mica using the fluffy brush as above... ( mica will go along way so you don't have to use much)
 Now using a stippling motion stipple across the whole image.
 then flick off excess and polish using the same brush, it's a dry brush so will remove all excess mica and polish the image.. you then  MUST use a cheap hairspray to seal the mica, if you don't then the image will smudge.A light spray will be sufficient.

 To start cover the card with Versamark directly to the card in a down and twist motion to cover the complete card
 Sprinkle as we did above Mica colours onto the card this time add a little extra as we want to cover the card.
 once you have covered the card it will look like this ...polish slightly to take away excess mica.
 Ink the stamp you are going to use as the lift out image, with versamark
 And lift out the image ,Remenmber to re--ink every time.continue to do this untill it looks like this
Once you have completed the area , Remember to spray with hair spray to seal  the mica...

Here are a few more samples.....

 This one was done using both techniques above....
 The main image was mica in golds on pink smooth card, and i've cut out the butterflies from a demo card and created the back ground by randomly stamping the flower spray image all around, then edged the card with versamark and stippled the mica on ...
 These fushias were colour with Silkies on acetate, and mounted onto a mica painted background...
These Dragonflies were painted with Glitizes on acetate then mounted onto a mica background

Here are a few more samples..... 

hope you enjoy playing....Sorry the images aren't brilliant, will reload them after the show along with some other samples

Don't forget you can see all these stamps, Mica powders, and all the things you will need for this project so pop in at

see you soon Jayne x