Monday, 20 August 2012

Day 4 The Gallery continues ....

Hello over with the imagination Blog tonight's selection are from the new Decoupage Stamp sets and the brand new Border Decoupage ...

 Dove decoupage embossed with Gold Embossing Powder coloured with tombow pens then touched here and there with mica painting...
 The cottage Border Decoupage ...coloured with watercolour pencils and mounted on Holly and Berries embossables....
 This I had to do .....Henc the extra hat on the set ...I just adore them ...all cut away so the embossables will show through...this would work well with the Multi snow Embossables too.
 this time I used a section of the Holly scrolls stencil added the die cut and put the Owls onto the brach with the extra holly leaf at their feet ...coloured with watercolour pencils.
 Again the same style of background with the Lantern Decoupage Set ..The Lantern swings on this one...coloured with tombow Pens.embossed greeting with copper...
Decoupage Dove on Actetate and covered with sparkle Medium gold Copper and white Dove, the Trees and stars Embossed background....

Well the waiting is nearly over and the Show is Tommorow 21st August 4pm on don't foget to tune in,
Pop across to  to see some other samples posted tonight... and drop in and browse the shop while your there...
There are some more samples of which I will post tomorrow  evening once I'm home from QVC...and I shall be putting some of the other New Decoupage Sets on here that aren't on the show ...till then

thanks for dropping by see you again soon Jayne x

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Day 3 The Gallery continues....

Hello again,,, here we go this side  more Embossable samples...
Holly and Berries and gold glossy with trees and stars in the back ground, winter bouquet decoupage on corner.

 Holly and Berries as Oval Frame with owls on holly from the lantern set.
 Swirls and Dots Embossable on gold gloosy, Trees and stars back of Dove Decoupage gold embossed.
Holly and Berries Embossables on red glossy card, Swinging Lantern in Aperture swirls and dots backing.

ok that's it for tonight, there will be more with the New Decoupage Stamps tommorrow and don't forget the Show 4pm Tues 21st August on QVC...  there are more samples from the embossables range over on The  then click the blog button....

Enjoy !!!!!  Jayne x

Saturday, 18 August 2012

The Gallery.... continued Day 2

Good evening again ... I'm glad you could join me over here on my blog are this evenings extra samples

 This is a gate fold card, inside it has Flourishes border with Silver sparkle medium and the front with Flourishes full stencil I have also stippled the flowers with Silver too,

  Flourishes Border on green glossy card, with Metallic Sparkle.. the flowers Marianne Creatables...Very usful sets ..I can see me using these lots.....
 Snowflake Flurry on Acetate overlay Black glossy card, Martha Stewart border punch and the border was stippled with silver Sparkle medium.
 Gold sparkle Medium on Acetate as on the previous one overlayed Cream card stock,border punch and gold ribbon
 Again a gate fold card with Holly scrolls and Metallic Sparkle inside I used the Holly scrolls border.
 Snowflake flurry border stencil Silver Sparkle Medium on Acetate overlayed Blue card stock.
Holly scrolls border with Metallic Sparkle the edges are stippled with the same to match....Hey and the Flowers!!!!.

Don't forget you can whiz over to see some more there too...

Ok that's it for another evening see you again tomorrow Jayne x

Friday, 17 August 2012

The gallery 21st August QVC

Hi again , over the next few days and on both blogs there will be more samples to see so keeping back to see what's new...I have been so busy lately with new designs and the samples for the show' been all go go go !!!! at team imagination....Sue does try to show all samples but time flies when we are on air we thought you would like to see them on the Blogs .....

here's tonight selection  ... Stencils and Sparkle medium

 Holly Scrolls Stencil, Trio of colours, Metallic Sparkle, Sage green and Copper Sparkle Medium
 Snowflake flurry border stencil and the lantern from the Decoupage stamp set (the lantern swings)
 Flourishes with one of my favorites Agua sea Sparkle medium  on Acetate ,with a border puched edge,and  wrapped ribbon
 Again the Snowflake border stencil with Silver sparkle medium ...then sprinkled with glitter....Stunning effect......
Holly Scrolls Stencil copper base and the Glitter sprinkles ....

This is actually an Easel card front, using Holly scroll border Stencil, gold,,Sage green and Red sparkle Medium..  you will see another of these later with copper and metalic Whow!!!

  if you haven't seen the Mica samples pop over to the Imagination's blog now
 to remind you while your there have a look at the new designs on the web site .....

Tomorrow there will be more .... so pop back soon  bye for now...Jayne x

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Day 2 craft-along Stencil and Embossable Store

 OK this is where we left off last night . (If you didn't leave this overnight to dry it would take apporx 3/4 hr to dry ) and now both covers should be dry to continue..
cut 2x mount board or simular approx 2mm thick 16cm x 18cm.
place a small amount of d/sided tape on the board to help hold the board in place, for the next step you will need a scoring tool.
 fold the side over  and score the edge (see picture sequences)
 open and fold and score the other angle
 Now open fold over to match the scored areas to the board below and score again
 now refold over on really is important to score every time to get a flat folded finish.
 and the other side,   This is the easiest way to make nice neat corners, repeat on all 4 sides and use double sided tape to secure down repeat the same on the other cover....
  now choose which  one will be front and set that to one side. On the back cover,  mark and punch 2 holes using either a cropper, or a screw punch about an inch from the edge.on the outside edge.Thread your slider bead onto the length of elastic and thread through from the back,and tie a knot. remembering to have enough elastic give, to allow you to close your store wrapping  the elastic from  the back to the front approx 8 inches in total.before you securing the inner cover to the back try putting the whole thing together without the wire see fig 1 below (scroll down) can ajust the elastic if needs be...
 now attach the inner cover to hide the knot.
 before placing the inner cover on the front cover I wrapped a length of silver ribbon, this is not only decorative but also give you a visual note that this is the front....
 attach inner lining and everything is nice and neat.

 now ...Fold the flap of your envelopes to the crease score flat and fold again and stick down using d/sided tape, for the Stencil store I used 36 envelopes, and for the embossables I used 24  as they are thicker for embossing...

here is the stck already to punch the holes

fig 1
 now just to check .
1, front cover
2, envelopes
3, back cover,
Place the front cover over the back cover as you would when opening and this is the order to punch the holes use the guide lines for your machine, there are ten holes for the wire and one extra on the front for embelishments..( if you want precise measurments send me a message and I will send you a work sheet as I  tend to punch the holes in the envelopes first then mark first and last on the cover and align up the envelope holes to the center of the covers..looks neater.....)
once you have puched all holes ,thread the wire from back to front so that's through the envelopes first ,close the wires and  put the front cover to the front...

 now you can place your stencils into the pockets...Perfect fit !!!....
 On this occasion I have used the Snowflake flurry full stencil, and sail boat blue Adirondack ink pad and stippled through the stencil directly onto the envelope. another great way to see what's in each pocket...continue to decorate each pocket this way.....

As you can't put the embossable store through the machine for each design when you use one of your Embossables cut a small piece and stick in on the envelope pocket ..actually if you did it with  different colour card  you will have a great reference to what colours look like what..

Your done !!!!

of course you can decorate each to suit , I covered one with floral papers and one with stripes just so it's easy reference for me, and of course to show you what you can do too!!
 My Embossable Store
And the Everyday  Stencil Store..

Now just before I can purchase all the stencils, paints and brushes used in this project via

The ribbons used were from Fantastic Ribbons..and the bead slider from The beadshop

ps. Sneaky Peeks!!!!! Over the next couple of days I will be posting on both blogs...... some of the card samples which will be on the next  TV Show on QVC 21 August at 4pm.

And then I can show you all the new designs !!!!!!!

Till then Have fun ...Jayne x

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

2 Day Craft-Along.....Stencil and Embossable Store

I realised just how big the Stencil range has got.!!!! Especially when I received my new range of Stencils and I didn't have any room in my old worn Stencil Store , now made nearly 2 years ago... It's the best way I have found to
 a) use up my 6 x 6 envelopes as pockets
 b) keeps all of the stencils flat, and
 c) very easy to find..
   And as i have just completed 21 designs ,for the NEW Christmas range of Stencils and Embossables It's about time I made another 2 so they will have their own Store....

Embossables I hear you say ...well you will have to tune in to QVC on the 21st August 4pm to find out....I will remind you later, don't worry and you will get a sneaky peek at the new designs and sample coming up on the show too.....

 So as i need to make 2 more... I will  do this step by step with pictures.. to help you follow on .Sooooo....For the next 2 days  make a your own Stencil or Embossable Store...

These are the things you will need as well as a Bind it machine,and wires

These are the things we will use first.... I have chosen to use Lilac, Purple and White Stencil paints. you can use either sponges or stencil brushes, have to say i prefer the brushes , they give you more of a canvas look and feel to the project , 210-300 gsm card stock heavish as this has to take paints in layers , if the paper card is too thin it will warp.

 OK you will need to prepare 2 x 18cm x 16cm pieces of card( covers ) and 2 x 15cm x 17cm inner covers.
 Start with the lilac and in an up and down and sided to side brush stokes fashion create the above layer, don't over load your brush..a drier brush is better, you can use your hot spot mat for mixing the colours too.
 the next layer is with a a darker mix  adding a white here and there till you have covered the whole area , repeat on all sheets,
 Select a few stencils you wish to use, here as this is going top be the Christmas Stencil Store I have used the NEW  Snowflake Flurry full stencil, Holly Scrolls full stencil, Flourishes full stencil and Christmas Flowers..
 using parts of the stencils randomly create a collage of images across the background using a darker shade of purple, to me this always looks best in the de-stressed style...try not to be too perfect...allow to dry between shades, and immediately after use place the stencil into warn soapy water this will be easier to keep clean,
 Now mask out a flower from the Christmas Flowers Border Stencil, using stencil tape, if you pick one near the corner of the will be easier to do the next step..
 And using The New Silver Sparkle Medium, !!!! randomly place the flower over the dried background, working from the top of the page down. 5 or 6 will be enough.
once done on both front and back covers set aside to dry,

and we will pick up from there tomorrow..  Have fun ....Jayne x