Wednesday, 15 August 2012

2 Day Craft-Along.....Stencil and Embossable Store

I realised just how big the Stencil range has got.!!!! Especially when I received my new range of Stencils and I didn't have any room in my old worn Stencil Store , now made nearly 2 years ago... It's the best way I have found to
 a) use up my 6 x 6 envelopes as pockets
 b) keeps all of the stencils flat, and
 c) very easy to find..
   And as i have just completed 21 designs ,for the NEW Christmas range of Stencils and Embossables It's about time I made another 2 so they will have their own Store....

Embossables I hear you say ...well you will have to tune in to QVC on the 21st August 4pm to find out....I will remind you later, don't worry and you will get a sneaky peek at the new designs and sample coming up on the show too.....

 So as i need to make 2 more... I will  do this step by step with pictures.. to help you follow on .Sooooo....For the next 2 days  make a your own Stencil or Embossable Store...

These are the things you will need as well as a Bind it machine,and wires

These are the things we will use first.... I have chosen to use Lilac, Purple and White Stencil paints. you can use either sponges or stencil brushes, have to say i prefer the brushes , they give you more of a canvas look and feel to the project , 210-300 gsm card stock heavish as this has to take paints in layers , if the paper card is too thin it will warp.

 OK you will need to prepare 2 x 18cm x 16cm pieces of card( covers ) and 2 x 15cm x 17cm inner covers.
 Start with the lilac and in an up and down and sided to side brush stokes fashion create the above layer, don't over load your brush..a drier brush is better, you can use your hot spot mat for mixing the colours too.
 the next layer is with a a darker mix  adding a white here and there till you have covered the whole area , repeat on all sheets,
 Select a few stencils you wish to use, here as this is going top be the Christmas Stencil Store I have used the NEW  Snowflake Flurry full stencil, Holly Scrolls full stencil, Flourishes full stencil and Christmas Flowers..
 using parts of the stencils randomly create a collage of images across the background using a darker shade of purple, to me this always looks best in the de-stressed style...try not to be too perfect...allow to dry between shades, and immediately after use place the stencil into warn soapy water this will be easier to keep clean,
 Now mask out a flower from the Christmas Flowers Border Stencil, using stencil tape, if you pick one near the corner of the will be easier to do the next step..
 And using The New Silver Sparkle Medium, !!!! randomly place the flower over the dried background, working from the top of the page down. 5 or 6 will be enough.
once done on both front and back covers set aside to dry,

and we will pick up from there tomorrow..  Have fun ....Jayne x

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