Monday, 30 September 2013

Selection Christmas Stencils

Good evening All, as promised I'm back with the Christmas Stencil section, featured below are only three of the new Christmas stencils available and I do have some samples of the others which I'll do at another time.As we concintrating on the samples from the 11th September Show 

 The thing I love most  about my stencils is that they work just as well on their own or together pairing them up. again with sparkle medium in an  assortment of colours you can create stunning Christmas cards this here's a few ideas for you .....

 Using different colours and only putting the stars on the Acetate, then using a tuck in technique, I may add a ribbon down the left hand side.
 I adore these curve style cards and as you probably can see I use it regualary here in my samples.... this time I've added the Stag from The clearing stencil to create a family scene....
 An open Gate fold with Nativity and Shepards again they work really well together...this time with just Gold Sparkle Medium on black card...
 By using Mink sparkle  Medium  on faded gold card stock  you get this lovely soft look...
 This has to be my absolute favorite Christmas stencil and will be doing most of my cards there are only 4 colours used but I puffed the gold over wet sparkle medium on the deers to give extra dimension and the trees either side are both on the backing and Acetate but in different greens....Love it !!!!!

 The shepards and star Simply done in  one colour on satin white card and a ribbon wrap..
 Another Mother and baby this time on this beautiful background paper, by Lavina this time different colours were used on Mother and Baby and stars...
 Here is another Curve this time with Nativity and the Shepards, Stars only on the acetate and I think I probably added a few more and a scattering over the acetate.
 Yet another Mother and Baby this time Gunmetal sparkle on the papers, again I'll add ribbon down the side to finish it off...
yes !!! another but this time Golden Pine Sparkle on a different snow paper.....Just shows using different colours use can achieve different looks....

Well that's it for tonight... next time we will look at the Sparkle Medium section ...enjoy your evening ....

Happy Crafting    Jayne x

Damson Jam and Chutney

Good morning everyone, just thought I would share these pictures of Damson Jam and Green Tomato Chutney cooling...yummy!!!!! 

I have to say my pantry is full of Jams and Chutney this year, There's nothing like homemade...I'm off to the alottment to finish digging up the potatoes and then I will be back to do do the Christmas Stencil selection later this evening...enjoy your day see you later...Jayne x

Friday, 27 September 2013

Selection Mica Samples

Good afternoon everyone, today is Mica day I love Mica ...the look the feel and the amazing looks you can achive with it and  you can use it on all aspects of your projects

Simply using versamartk through the stencil and then around all the edges to finish the project,

Colour washing to create stunning backgrounds

again stenciling and colouring the butterflies are coloured with mica mixed with glaze so you can colour on the acetate top layer only..

Colour washing to create the Sunset effect, and stencil Shepards with Sparkle medium over the top when dry...

Another color was background but then it does work so well with my Stencils

This time colour wash background and leaf  flourishs with Hunter green

This one with the MDF sets and Mica the shepards

The colour wash Background and the Butterfly Frame on Acetate in Silver

Stencilling again this time just in blue and white

This one a mix Sparkle Medium used for the Daisy Frame but the butterfly coloured with mica and detail Sparkle for all the extras

And so tommorrow........ I shall show you some  from the new Christmas Picture stencils, enjoy the rest of your day

Happy crafting Jayne x

Thursday, 26 September 2013

Selection : frame stencils

Good morning, hope you are all enjoying this wonderful weather we are having...I have been finishing off the new Studio...and will be starting the new Art trials very soon , but for now here are some of the Samples from the Frame Stencils  section of the can do so many beautiful cards with these frames and it's easy just to add a greetings if you want to ....

I'm have a few problems adding a caption for each card but if you would like more in depth step by step for any of these card or any on the blog you can see , send me a message and will send you more details..

enjoy the rest of the day ...happy crafting Jayne xx

Saturday, 14 September 2013

Thank You

Hello everyone, First of all I would like to say thank you for all your private messages of concern, support and indeed Job offers…… I will get back to you all individually…eventually…. but I wanted you all to know that I received them upon my return from my extended visit in Italy, not only did we go to Lake Como & Milan me for painting and Mike for the Formula 1, held in Monza over the weekend and then due to the circumstances, Mike surprised me with a 3 day hop off in VENICE, whow !!!!! what a place….sooo beautiful …so many things to paint so little time …I did manage to get some sketches done, of  which I will share with you  once tweaked at little and scanned,

Again thank you, I’m fine and no thank you for the job offers, I made the final decision as I said before is based on my Personal, Family and Friend commitments, As some of you may or may not know I have an elderly mother at the grand age of 96 tomorrow, and I feel I need to spend more time with her…. Happy Birthday for tomorrow Mum, see you in the morning, and to return in more depth to my Painting of which some I shall share on the new blog…. ‘Art Trails’, ‘All thing Arty’, name not there yet….

You can’t imagine how I feel to leave my designs both Stamps and Stencils alike, that was a very hard decision to make, but I do hope you will continue to enjoy playing with them in the future…

And so …’s time for me to re-group, re-charge, finish the nearly completed Studio build for an Art Studio now not as a craft studio as I was intending to use it for, although there may be a fair amount of that going on for personal use.

Just before I go today I’ll add some samples below in a little more detail from the show last Wednesday from the MDF PAINT  section,

MDF Paint

Diamond Hanger with Satrburst

Christmas Tree on swirly border

Nativity Hanger

Shepard's Hanger

Rose heart Plaque
These were all painted and crackled and then I have used different stencils to achieve different looks. I love the Hangers they would be great for Christmas decorations that can be used years after year, great as gifts too...I've used Sparkle medium in several ways to show the versatility Sponging,stippling where i need more cover over and around edges and very often I use the puffa glitters to enhance the sparkle, The gunmetal sp/m goes really well with the paint used it has the same tonal value so will compliment the colours. Crackle paint is great fun to use just remember depending what you want the end colour to be ,use the opposite colour for the base.. and once you have the crackle Medium on and dry ready to paint the last coat, be bold don't mess around get the paint on it doesn't matter that some areas are better than others as you will do the 'finishing touches' on the edges, and don't try to recover straight away as the will smudge's far better to be quick so have plenty of paint on your brush and go for it . you will then see the cracks appearing almost immediately, great fun and every one of the turns out differently..

More soon   Jayne xx

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Hello Friends and fellow crafters

Dear friends and fellow Bloggers,

Life at times throws some curves, hurdles to jump and bridges to cross, And this is one of those times…. as from the 5th September 2013 I am no longer  part of Imagination Crafts Team, Due to Personal, family and friend commitments I have no alternative but to resign my post as Creative Design Director.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish Imagination Crafts all the best in their future ventures,

And if by chance because of this you no longer wish to follow my blog and want to de- follow or de –friend on Facebook I fully understand please feel free to do so.

However I do have 100’s and 100’s of samples pictures that I have done in the past to the present and still would like to continue to share them with you, Along with a few new step by step craft longs including the new Butterfly Garden decoupage stamp set, and hope the samples will continue to give you inspiration and or ideas.

While I shall be continuing with this blog, I am also going to start a new one name to be decided yet. The new one will be more on the art trails that I shall be exploring over the coming months. Starting with Italy, ‘’Como & Milan’’…As soon as I have started it I will post a link on this one for you to jump across and have a look and if you wish to follow it you can, all are very welcome.

So here are some of the overview samples from tonight’s show QVC at 5pm

Happy Crafting Jayne xx

Christmas Stencils

Decoupage Stamps Butterfly Garden and Starbusrt Garden

Detail Sparkle

Frame Stencils

MDF paint

MDF sets

Mica powders

Sparkle Medium

I will go into more detail with these and others in the near future
take care
Happy Crafting Jayne x