Friday, 27 September 2013

Selection Mica Samples

Good afternoon everyone, today is Mica day I love Mica ...the look the feel and the amazing looks you can achive with it and  you can use it on all aspects of your projects

Simply using versamartk through the stencil and then around all the edges to finish the project,

Colour washing to create stunning backgrounds

again stenciling and colouring the butterflies are coloured with mica mixed with glaze so you can colour on the acetate top layer only..

Colour washing to create the Sunset effect, and stencil Shepards with Sparkle medium over the top when dry...

Another color was background but then it does work so well with my Stencils

This time colour wash background and leaf  flourishs with Hunter green

This one with the MDF sets and Mica the shepards

The colour wash Background and the Butterfly Frame on Acetate in Silver

Stencilling again this time just in blue and white

This one a mix Sparkle Medium used for the Daisy Frame but the butterfly coloured with mica and detail Sparkle for all the extras

And so tommorrow........ I shall show you some  from the new Christmas Picture stencils, enjoy the rest of your day

Happy crafting Jayne x


  1. Another batch of stunning samples. Love mica but never seem to use it very much. You have inspired me to get mine out and do some creating.

  2. Thanks Mags, hope you have had a ply......thing is with Mica you have to play with it to really see what can be achieved, some ways work better than others, a good excuse for a play......xx