Monday, 27 February 2012

Blog Hop Craft-along Day 2

Hello again,are we ready....go 

Step 2, you will need 
The dried brayered back grounds,we did yesturday
Stencil Tape,
Black Stars Sparkle Medium,
Black onyx Silkies,
Stencil Brushes,
Stencils any of the following Dusk till dawn,The Village , Birdsong, By the river,Country road,

This is your prepared brayered background dry ready to use,

I have sprayed the back of the stencil with repositional adhesive spray, this is vital the better the contact between the stencil and the card stock the better the result will  be. I also like to use stencil tape top and bottom of my Stencil this really helps to stop things sliding around. Use your stencil brush and Stipple all over the Stencil working from the top to the bottom...once you have covered the whole area, Gently peel back the stencil tape and lift away from the corner to reveal your image...Put the stencil in  warm soapy water as soon as you can. this will help to keep the stencil clean.
This image was used in the box card that's on Imaginationcrafts blog on Day 1.

ok now we will have a go with the sparkle medium. First we will do the acetate with the owl and the tree....

I have masked off the owl in this one as i will be adding a gold owl for the acetate wrap over card, mask off all other areas not wanted a shown.

Apply the sparkle medium as you would spread butter on bread , not too thick, not too thn, Lift away the stencil as we did  before and set aside to dry, as this is a non-porous surfice and  will take a few hrs to dry .

This dry image is from the sample card
 Now lets do some  images on the brayered back grounds in the same way tape your stencil down after spraying the back.

Use the sparkle Medium just as we did before on the acetate, spreading like butter It's so easy...Go on have a go.....This is a slightly pourious surface. but it will still take a little while to dry so.... we will leave it over night I have added a few more images for you to see below.  

Well that's enough for you to be getting on with and it's time for you to catch up.
Tommorrow  we will be doing the finishing touches. making up the sample card and don't forget we will be  showing you the last of the samples on the Imaginations Blog at before we finish off back  here.

so happy stencilling see you tommorrow...Jayne x

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