Sunday, 26 February 2012

Dual Blog Hop

Hello .

This is the card we are going to make in this months Blog Hop,I got the idea for our first blog hop from a friend, Thanks Carole for your suggestion hope you like them,  and  by the end of the project you will have 5 card samples to see and try, as we said on Imagination's Blog this, will be this month's blog hop .Why don't you play along. as we will be doing this over the next couple of days you will have time to catch up,
These are things you will need, Hot spot matt, Brayer, Silkies Indian Spice, Sparkle Medium Black stars, Stencils= Dusk till Dawn. Birdsong, The village, By the river and Country road ,stencil tape, Anti static bag, White glossy card, Spatula,Stencil Brushes...all can be obtained from 

Step one

I can almost here you say ...oh no not  brayering.....  don't panic, this will be easy 
Cut your white glossy card to A5 size.
Place spaltula tip of silkies in this sequence,Shown here on your matt and gently pick up and roll back wards and forwards until it's evenly over your brayer,do not lift you brayer while doing this.

Now gently and evenly do the same movement over one end of your card,moving to the center of the cardstock.Don't over work it. Turn your white glossy card around and repeat on the other end.

It's will look something like this , don't worry about extra marks or that it's un- even this will give the picture some Texture for when we Stencil over tomorrow.The beauty of doing this is that you have a choice of which end to use. The amount i put on my mat to start with allowed me to do 10 Back grounds so go have a play set them all aside to dry till tomorrow..

Here  is another Sample of the same thing but with this one i have used Sparkle medium on white glitter card on the bottom to make it look like snow, we will see this card again later in the week in 'finishing touches ' .
I have to say I love my Job Well actually 'it' dosn't feel like a job ...A passion then.... Not only do I work with two very talented people that appreciate me,Thanks Sue and Harvey, i get to play with some fantastic Products, and Design away to my hearts content, and then i get to play again with them .....Heaven !!!  what more could a girl want !!!! (A bigger Studio).....

 ok then i'll see you tomorrow for the next step and  another Sample..

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  1. Oh wow this is another case file item didn't think of stencil paste what a beautiful effect using the three stencils mine was just two love, love ,love it