Thursday, 14 November 2013

Top 100 Christmas samples No 32 - 36 Flowers Decoupage....

Hi Everyone,  tonight's selection is from Flowers Decoupage stamp set, Probably one of my favourite stamps to use at Christmas. Five different looks using copics,pro markers and watercolour pencils,and pearly pallets, either embossing or stamping the initial images for layering, adding beads or gems to the center of the flowers, and finishing with my usual ribbon and wire, some backgrounds are stamped with versa mark and left to dry giving the appearance of a water mark and one embossed stencil through my big shot.

 32, Water colour pencils, and versa background,using extra stamp from set, greetings also from set.
 33, The only real colouring is on the under leaves the rest I used detail Diamond  on all petals and a frosting on the edges
 34, Copics and Pro markers for colouring versa mark back ground gold beads for the centers and ribbons and wire top right corner.
 35, Coloured with the vintage pearly palette on black card the background is embossed negative type of stencils, the ribbon was attached and braded with bow, graphite grey beads for cemters
 36, Same but different colours used and presented slightly differently, more shabby rip and stamped background
Flowers decoupage set Designed by me for where you will find the whole range I've designed for them from Stamps, Stencils, and MDF Frame sets, Including the Decoupage stamps sets

Thank you for dropping by, see you soon till then Happy crafting    Jayne x


  1. Lovely cards Jayne. So many different looks from one stamp.

  2. thank you Mags sorry took a while to reply Iv'e been moving the computer around the new office area. Jayne x

  3. beautiful artwork. that stamp really lends itself xx

  4. Thank you Theresa, this is one of my favorite stamp set that I've designed and drawn, and have used it every year for my personnal cards, welcome to the blog I hope you drop by again soon ....Jayne x