Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Top 100 Christmas samples No 43 - No 47 Sparkle Medium on acetate.

Hi everyone, just a quick fly by with the next 5 top 100..using sparkle medium on acetate, the main thing with doing this technique have to be fairly patient as some areas you have to leave to completely dry before doing the next colour, the easiest way of doing these style of cards is do the detail first using the detail wands allow to dry and then do the main colour all over the back, and depending how thickly you spread it depends on how long it will take to dry ,  a warning if you cheat and use a heat gun to speed up the process it may very well peel or flake off the acetate, when you start to cut out the images for layering ....

43, Dove Decoupage
44, Holly tree Decoupage
46, Robin Decoupage

 47, Winter Bouquet Decoupage
48, Ivy Decoupage,

thank you for dropping by...... see you again soon I hope, till then Happy Crafting   Jayne x

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  1. These are lovely Jayne. Love using sparkle medium on acetate. Gives such a lovely finish I think.