Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Christmas Cards day 2... Shepards,Nativity and Bethlehem

Good evening everyone tonight we have the Shepards, Nativity, and an old favorite Bethlehem Christmas cards 2013, I am having such fun playing!!! and making my christmas cards most of these i have made 6 of each as i find i can use the stencil about 6 times before it needs a wash, so makes sence to do as many as poss using the same colours,
 Shepards Stencil masked and using assorted sparkle mediums and a touch of puffa glitter on the back of the lamb.
 This Shepards stencil  using the rainbow background papers, adding the ribbon and wire on this one I've relooked at last nights cards and added ribbons in the same place , I still think it could do with something else but it's not jelling yet!!!!
 This time I've done the shepards on Acetate and created a tuck in card, with having the backing card white really shows this design off, these are proving to be popular this year, the ribbon and wire was attached through all the layers and keeps the acetate in place...
 same as the other rainbow backing card  but using Nativity this time the main star is light copper and smaller ones are gold mounted onto gold glossy card,ribbon to finish.
 Here is another acetate using Nativity.
And as I was playing with the picture stencils I did a few of these at the same time...Bethlehem Picture Stencil from 2010,

 Nativity Stencil

 Shepards Stencil
Bethlehem Stencil,

ok well that it for tonight more tomorrow till the Happy Crafting    Jayne x

Edited on 18 oct 2014...hello tried to reply via comments box but couldn't so thought i would try on the actual posting

I designed these Stencils while I was with Imagination Crafts during 2011-2013 and im sure they do still have them, but if they dont then yu are welcome to message me as i am sure i can let you have some ....

Jayne xx


  1. Loving these christmas stencils.

  2. Where did you find the stencils for your Christmas cards? The cards are beautiful.