Thursday, 31 January 2013

The Gallery Day 2

Good evening all, here are some of the Decoupage stamp set samples used in the show......

 sorry this ones a little dark ....all that ribbon not flat enough for scanning
 Clematis Decoupage stamp Set
 Butterfly Medley Decoupage set
 Hanging Basket Decoupage
 Water colouring with the Hanging Basket
 Lily pad Decoupage Set
My favourite in this section  Butterfly Medley Easel card ,

Again as time is so short for me with designing and working up for the trade show I haven't the time to give detailed accounts on each card, but if there are any questions send a message and I will try and help..

until tommorrow where there will be more samples on both blogs, hop across to Imaginations Blog to more samples from the show

enjoy Jayne x

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