Friday, 21 February 2014

Where do the days go !!!!!

I can't belive it's Friday already ...I know I have had my head down drawing most of this week time has just flown by  ...I'm going to carry on with showing you some more of the new cards made which is all part of the designing trying things out and see how sizing works....on the 2 cards tonight you will see the backing from one was actuaklly cut for the matting layer on the other... I like this as you get not only two bases of card but also the greetings backing layer too.

This is how it's done I've used a pencil and drawn around the inside of the Nestie die in this case it was Lables 3. ok remove the die and you should see your pencil line. at this point colour the  background image and the seperate garden tools 2. decoupaging the pot and trowel more 3 times in all. leaving the trowel layer until later when you have attached the greeting in place, when it came to die cutting for the backing layer i thought if i cut it our of a piece  of card top left slightly not only would i have the mat layer but would also have a apt ready for another card by cutting around the pencil line it would then fit, then use a soft rubber remove all traces of the pencil. I then cut the greeting backing layer out of the center of the image backing. saves card all round...I've then simply stamped using an old magenta stamp swirls diagonal corners wrapped ribbon placed the greting over the ribbon then attached the trowel over the lot. ..note to self .must do some background designs to go with these ......

you can see here the other piece of card used as the apt laying green card behind the hole after stamping on the corners with pearlesent rust Brillance ink pad and then attaching this image in the garden with creeping vine , notice the lawn mower ... on this one you can't see, becuase this is a scan  but I've cut slots both sides and slipped the garden tools in them this creates a small bow of tools in the front and finshed the same way as before with the trowel last to go on,

I have to say the more I play with these print outs I can see that having all the elements seperated you can do vertually any thing and change the layouts to suit , each set then would have 3 main elements plkus extras the greetings or maybe 2 so we are looking at A5 size  not C6 like all the other   traditional decoupage style stamps.  Personally I prefer either red or grey Rubber Slapstick style stamps you get a much finer detail stamped image and they do last a life time if you look after them , but then saying that I like the clear as you can see where you are poistioning the image. esp when you are creating a picture with multiple stamping... and then there is Digi stamps will have to look into this more  ..... but I think you are tied to just set and print you can move images around and create a picture that way ... but with printing then you are tied to Copics, Pro markers or simular for colouring Although I have been playing with oil based and pastel pencils as well as pergomarno style but that will be next week...

enjoy your weekend  see you soon Happy colouring in........ Jayne x


  1. Love these new designs, Jayne. I can't wait for the stamps to be available. x

  2. Thanks Allyson, not sure when yet but watch this space x