Thursday, 13 February 2014

At last some new card designs to show you

Good evening everyone, I hope you all are safe and well with all this weather we are having just lately, Sorry for taking a little longer than I had said , once I had got really playing , I found that I  also need structure for you all, to see the process,well tonight at last I can start showing you some new cards that I have been working on ,for the men in our lives although some of these would do for an active female Gardener just as well, People are always saying it's hard to do men's cards, I do tend to agree but I think it's because there really isn't much out there for men in the craft industry,there is dies thast would suit and stamps if your lucky to find them So time to get to the drawing board and come up with some fresh new designs images etc and if they prove popular then maybe we'll get some stamps made in the future but they will be very exclusive and unique, so bearing that in mind let get going ,tonight's selection are very similar to the Decoupage stamp style, in the fact they are drawn the same way, having a background a border and clutch of gardening tools to decoupage as much as you want, This seems the best place to start ....first of all i must point out that these are all hand drawn by me, scanned cleaned in the photoshop process, then I've printed out images to colour, colouring this time I have been restricted to either Copics and Promarkers and water colour pencils with out the use of water, in other words using them as blending pencils , this can be achieved by colouring softly in a circular motion and slowly and gradually build up the colour , as you will see Watercolour pencils give a soft Vintage feel to the image , Where as Copics and Promarkers give a strong fuller colour, The reason is that unless you have a lazer printer if any water goes any where near the printed ink it will bleed like crazy, I have to say there is another technique which we will do later in the year...

 Shed Decoupage Coloured with Copic pens and every layer has been coloured and cut out along the front of the card
 A mix of both Copics and Promarkers, used with the Green house but only from the watering can cut and layered, with the trowel added over the greeting here Happy Birthday
 This is slightly different from the first Green house aswell as the green house the garden tools are different across the front, as we continue through you will see  I have done other things with these tools across the front. Coloured with water colour pencils (No water), I am going to try the Polychromus pencils oil based with these next week I will be interested in the results...The hat pot of tools and trowel were layered.
And the last for tonight another shed  but this time with a different border flower rather thn leaves and the tools across the front another line up of tools, grass edgers, spade Trug watering can and gloves, again coloured with watercolour pencils this time the spade watering can and glove was layered,
I hope you have enjoyed the first of many new designs, over the next few weeks i shall be sharing with you alsorts of new ideas, designs and some new colouring techniques that will help you. As i said this really is a ''work in process'' anything can happen, and most probably will, so join me again tommorrow and I show you some more, I would love to hear what you think so please  feel free to leave your comments Many thanks Happy colouring in ....

Jayne  xx


  1. These are great Jayne. Useful for all sorts of occasions.

  2. Jayne, these are just lovely. Have you thought (and I know this is a bit heretical) maybe not rubber? How about digi stamps? By the way, missed you last Tuesday. x

  3. Hi Allyson, great to hear from you ..urmmm no hadn't thought of them but don't see why not will have to look into that ..thanks for suggesting them jayne x