Monday, 3 February 2014

Where did January go !!!!!

Hello everyone, Where did January go !!!! ...I have been in 'Making Card mode' and 'Design mode', so have been a busy bee making cards as many as possible in a shortest time some of which I'll share in a moment ....

During making these cards i found I have ample images and bling and ideas for women but sadly lack in the Men's area.....yes i have a few stamps with men in mind, but nothing that i would call current so ...on went my 'Design Head'  and have been working on them for the last 2 or so weeks, they are all hand drawn for the Men' in our lives The painter , The gardener and The Carpenter. along with some everyday type designs that i hope you will like , these are leading now to a collection and I have soooo many ideas that would work this way could I' ve a whole new concept, I just need a little more time ( this week ) to do some colouring in and make the cards and play with die cuts to go with etc etc  and then I shall share them with you...

so until then here are some of the cards i've finished off....yes some are very similar but using different colours or back grounds and greeting you can achieve quick and easy beautiful cards .. the trick is to do at least 6 of each at the same time , so your prepping day is when you do all the back grounds whether they are on acetate or card then allowing them to dry,  while you get on with  all of your images (I do some extras just in case...) stamp all your images trimming and layering them as you go and then die cutting your greetings and mat and layer them. in these cards I have used the oval nesties, Day 2.Once all the back grounds are dry trim them to size and build your cards  adding ribbons and wire through the main layer before attaching to the cards. these were trimmed to fit 6x6 cards stock... The inserts were created on the PC and ready to print, trim to size and the fit inside card,

the products used

Penny Black Letters and Flowers stamp code 4035K Cards 1,2,and 3
Penny black Flying stars code 3636K   Cards 4- 8
Penny black Mixed Media 4037K  Cards 9,10
My leaf flourishes, Hearts and swirls, Blossom,Swirl flourishes and Brocade stencils,
Gold, Diamond, and Silver Sparkle medium
Black glossy card.
Ribbons and wire
White Gold and silver embossing powders










if you need further info on any of my cards  just message me and I will gladly help..

till tommorrow Happy Crafting  Jayne xx


  1. Oh Jayne these cards are beautiful your style and flair is and inspiration to us all you are really missed hope your ideas will be avaliable to us all again one day your designs were so original and unique

  2. Thank you so much for your kind words of support for my designs, As far as the design go ..we will have to see if these new ones are as popular's a case of watch this space at the moment , but thank you xx

  3. A gorgeous selection of cards Jayne. Good luck with the designing.

  4. thanks Mags and yes I think I'm getting there with the designs trouble is i keep changing details so it does take some time to get them really finishedand then get them image ready ..jayne x