Tuesday, 18 February 2014

one or two more cards to share..

Hi everyone, ok tonight I have another decoupage style card made  below, but over the last few days I've been doing a little design ing for embellishments add ons what ever you want to call them and some will end up on the sets to suit , so all this playing helps to create the set ....these add ons for these cards and for cards coming up as we move through the designing to the next stage by removing the decoupage frame and start playing around with the spellbinder nesstabilities frames and lable die cuts...this in turn opens up the canvas.... 

 Shed on leafy frame coloured with Copics and layered across the front, Using this (Pattern ) for these cards, makes it a little easier to get going and get  cards done...... as the working out what you are going to do is done , all you have to do is sit and colour in..I found that it was all greens and browns but you can add more colour  in the detail work , the trim on the hat or Gloves , and as long as you add a light and dark shading you can get great results very quickly, You could also add colour with the back ground papers and ribbons...
 Here is another that is similar to the sneaky peek the other day this time on the main image i dtrew in flowers, added a shrubbery to the back ground and a pot of tools as an embellishment , in the same (pattern but different background how different they look .....And I think you would get away giving this card to ladies as well as gentlemen..
ok lets move on again more  thinking out of the frame ... I've used Labels 3  on this card  both the largest for the main image and second up for the greeting and the back ground is now an Allotment, modelled on my own, unfortunately we don't have sheds but the rest is fairly close, if the weather ever gets any better I need to be getting on up there ...and soon it's march in 2 weeks ......By extending the back ground and adding a few extra veggies to the scene you could almost do the 3 growing season's even a winter scene at the allotment, for those winter birthday's...and as i now have 3 different garden tool ensemble's you could interchange to what you want ....I'm wondering whether these should be individual stamps or preset images like the decoupage and Allyson,thanks Allyson  has now suggested Digi stamps ...Me personally prefer stamps  red rubber, but do like the clear as you can see where your stamping if masking or just freestyle stamping , but I know there are others out there like the formal Decoupage style as it's contained  and all in one neat box .....Hey  why not all three  now there's a thought  let me know what you think.....

I've rambled on enough for today ...see you again soon  till then Happy Crafting    Jayne xx

Thurs or friday this week we will look a little closer at some more new  cards and more ideas I've managed to get onto paper, I find the more i explore a new concept the more I see that will work and the more detracted I get so if my posting is a bit hap hazard over the next weeks and months while the collection are getting together I hope the waiting will be all worth while..  what was it some one said  ''it will be alright in the end''  if it's not alright, then it's not the end.....lol xx very true actually

Ok so i hope you will continue to pop in and have a look and leave some comments, may be even some ideas you may like for that Man in your life  and could be part of this ''A man's world ''

see you soon

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  1. Hi Jayne, great ideas coming through. I like the idea of clear stamps as you can see where you are positioning. I do like the fomal decoupage style but free style stamps would give lots of choice for layouts. Good luck with developing the range.