Saturday, 21 December 2013

Top 100 Christmas samples No 63 - No71

 Hello everyone , What a cold windy winter's night...very different from only two days ago as the sun streamed through the windows of the studio as I was painting... tonight I'm going to continue the gallery style posting of the top  100 although not all are card samples, some are created by using the fantastic MDF frame packs I designed way back in the spring 2013 for the QVC shows, there were 18 designs in total but I think only 6 were ever made what a shame ....I love them and have done many for gifts this Christmas using crackle n paint  and some of the new 2013 Christmas stencils and MDF frame sets , also using sparkle Medium

 No 63 Nativity Stencil on backing papers.
 No 64, Shepard's on a mica sunset background

No65 Shepard on Acetate as an over lay
 No66, Nativity on Mdf backing board that has been crackled,

No67, Shepard's created as above..

No68 Swirly frame and the tree from the Crackle n paint sets...

No69, Leaf flourishes Stencil again with the tree stipple with Sage and Hunter sparkle mix,

No70, this slightly different curve using papers to cover the backing and smudge and dust the edges again using the stencil set and this time the bauble with both papers and stencilled, this makes a great book front.

No 71, speaking of book fronts again a different approach using the same materials sponging stencilling smudging and heat embossing you can create this wonderfull visitor's book that yopu can keep in the hall for all your visitor's to leave Christmas messages..brilliant for festive party's..

that's all tonight more tommorrow till then Happy Crafting    Jayne xx


  1. Beautiful projects Jayne. I love the MDF kits and they are so versatile.

  2. thank you I know what you mean..Jayne x