Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Top 100 Christmas cards no's 56 - 62.

Hello everyone ...sorry for my lack of posting just recently ...I have been doing a little decorating....well alot actually 3 bedrooms all fresh and clean ready for Christmas, now that they are done i can get back to my routine of posting in the evenings...So off we go again no's 56 - 62 created by using Holly Swirl Border  background and border stencil, Ivy back ground Stencil, and Flower Flourish background stencil, Using an assortment of colours of Sparkle medium on different colour backgrounds, some have been masked for multi colouring, some plain and some duo colouring ..all stencils and Sparkle medium can be found at Imagination crafts.

56, Holly Swirl Border stencil.
 57,Holly Swirl Border stencil
58, Holly Swirl background Stencil
59, Holly swirl background Stencil
 60, Ivy swirl Background Stencil
61,  Flower Flourish background Stencil
62, Holly Swirl background Stencil,

All of these Stencils I designed in 2011 but i think there are timeless as you can use these year after year... that's it tonight .thank you for dropping by see you again soon , till then

 Happy Crafting    Jayne xx


  1. These are all gorgeous Jayne. Love the different looks just by using different background card and colours of medium.
    Certainly sounds like you have been busy decorating.

  2. I agree with everything Mags said about your Cards thank goodness you are still out there with your inspiration as the other site who sold your designs has been badly lacking(or sould that be sadly) of late, for us crafters who are more experienced, maybe you could show us some ideas with different products.....

  3. thank you both your are always very welcome to drop by and browze the blog as there is now over 300 samples shown here, if you want to know anything else about a particular sample then please feel free to ask either by commenting on the sample or by private messaging me , there are big changes about to happen on this and a new blog starting very soon keep watching !!!!!!! and thank you for your kind comments ..Jayne xx