Thursday, 12 April 2012

The Gallery

Hi everyone,
Sorry haven't been back for a while ..... I have been madly busy with the art boards for Ally Pally which are all completed, wrapped and ready to go ....I thought it would be good to turn this blogging session into a gallery...all cards are approx 6 x 6, and as i have taken picture of the whole board, iv'e used my wide eye lens so they may look a little elongated, they all have covers on each sample ,so they do reflect back, but i hope they won't ruin your viewing.....Some of these you will recognise as they are copies of the originals  from the Imagination stand at our last shows....

 From the blog hop in Feb
 New colours of the Sparkle medium and some of the new Stencil Designs
 more New Stencil Designs with Sparkle medium
 Mica Magic some samples put together from the demo's from the last shows,
 Decoupage coloured with assorted mediums Silkies, Pearly Vintage pallet,vellum and chalk pencils,
 Mica magic with Stencils ,embossing using a die embossing tech ( see mics magic).
 Assorted Stencils with the Fantastic Sparkle medium and Silkies
 Decoupage Sets with Sparkle medium
 Multi colour with Stencils and Sparkle medium...( i plan to a blog hop with these very soon)
And lastly Assorted Decoupage stamp sets with assorted colouring techniques, Silkies,Copic and pro makers  and water colouring...

All of the Art work from Stamps To Stencils  used to create these samples are from The Imagination Crafts Products Range,

I would also like to thank Fantastic Ribbons, .For a beautiful range of ribbons and buttons featured on most of these cards..

Hope to see some of you while I'm at the Ally Pally Show at the weekend with  

                                     BJ Crafts  Stand 43

Must get back to the designing side watch this space......

See you soon Jayne x


  1. Hi Jayne,
    I was very fortunate to see your creations in the flesh on Saturday and i just wanted to say they were fantastic and a real inspiration.
    Amanda x

  2. Hello stranger! Fabulous cards, great to see you are still crafting, hope you are well. Seems an age since we met last, hope to see you at your next show and catch up.
    Sheelagh T